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Providing a wide range of services for individuals and their families

Select Human Services, a division of New Hope Community, Inc. offers a wide range of support for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Certain services employ Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). DSPs empower individuals with developmental disabilities to further their independence, enhance skills and develop relationships within their community, and achieve their self-identified goals.

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Community Habilitation

Community Habilitation supports individuals to live life to their fullest potential – both in their homes and in their community. Staff Action Plans are developed through the collaborative efforts of the Waiver Services Manager, the person receiving support, family members/advocate and the Care Manager. Each plan carefully states the individual’s valued outcomes and provides specific staff action steps to support their self-identified goals. DSPs are thoroughly trained to each person’s individualized staff action plan and close communication is maintained with the person/family supported to ensure the ongoing relevancy of all goals and methods used to achieve them.

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Respite provides relief to family members living with people who have developmental disabilities. DSPs provide safe supervision enabling caregivers the ability to maintain a healthy balance in their lives.

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Fiscal Intermediary Agency

A Fiscal Intermediary agency (FI) acts as the fiscal and business agent for a person who has chosen to self-direct. The FI is the Employer of Record and takes responsibility for onboarding DSPs identified by the self-directing individual. The FI is responsible for the DSP payroll and for reimbursing expenses on the individual’s approved budget after ensuring it meets OPWDD Self Direction guidelines. The FI must have a Medicaid Provider Agreement approved by OPWDD.

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Self-Direction empowers individuals with disabilities and their families to design and manage services based on their needs and goals. Self-Direction promotes community inclusion and supports them to reach their highest level of independence.

The support team includes the individual, family members, Care Manager, Broker, Fiscal Intermediary (FI) (both chosen by the individual) and anyone else the individual would like to include. Self-directed individuals are responsible for hiring and managing their DSPs to provide Community Habilitation, Respite and/or Supported Employment. Self-Direction allows individuals to live at home or in a home of their choosing, pursue meaningful employment, and engage in social activities and programs in the community.