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Proud to be a community based provider since 2010

Our History

2010: Select Human Services Founded

Select Human Services (SHS)was founded in 2010 as a Provider that solely focused on holistic community-based supports for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Within our first decade, we became the leading provider of Community Habilitation and Respite services in the Hudson Valley.  

2015: Select Human Services Expands

In 2015, SHS expanded the supports we provide by adding Self Direction services (Broker/Fiscal Intermediary) to families in addition to Traditional Waiver services. We also began to offer a wide variety of classes to our individuals through the R & R Program in the Judy Voron Life Skills Studio. Select Human Services is unique as all our programs are provided through community-based supports and services (HCBS).

2020: Partnered with New Hope Community

In 2020 we joined New Hope Community, Inc. as a division and have continued to extend and deepen our person-centered impact in ways that empower people to be valued participants in every facet of community life. We are trailblazers for creating change that results in more choice, more independence and more opportunities.