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Services We Provide


Select Human Services offers a wide range of services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. These include: Community Habilitation, Waiver-Respite, In-Home Crisis Respite, Short Term Family Assistance, and Family Reimbursement Assistance. We also support the choice of Self-Direction through the provision of Start-Up/Support Broker and Fiscal Intermediary (FI) services. In addition, we provide a diverse array of supports and services through our Judy Voron Life Skills Studio (please explore more information about this wonderful studio on this site and our Facebook page).

Community Habilitation, Waiver and FSS Respite and self-direction services listed below may all utilize Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) for the provision of services. DSPs empower individuals with developmental disabilities to experience increased independence, new skills, growth in thought processing and problem solving, greater integration within the community, optimal health and safety, and the achievement of desired personal outcomes. DSP’s are not caregivers, they partner with individuals to support the realization of their best life. Please visit the Code of Ethics & Core Competencies for Direct Support Professionals website for more information.


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[jed_service_item img=”” icon=”fa-icon-star” title=”Community Habilitation” link=””]Community Habilitation Services support individuals to live life to its fullest – both in their homes and in their community. Community Habilitation Plans are developed through the collaborative efforts of the Waiver Services Supervisor and Coordinator, the individual served, family members and/or advocate, and the Medicaid Service Coordinator. Each plan carefully states the individual’s valued outcomes and provides specific staff action steps to support the identified goals. Community Habilitation staff (direct support professional [DSP]) are thoroughly trained to each plan on a one-to-one basis and close communication is maintained with the person (and/or family) served to ensure the ongoing relevancy of all approaches implemented. Our guidance and support is grounded in the belief that all individuals deserve to experience empowered lives of their choosing. [/jed_service_item]

[jed_service_item img=”” icon=”fa-icon-heart” title=”Waiver-Respite” link=””]Waiver-respite services provide respite coverage to families supporting persons with developmental disabilities to support the caregiver’s ability to maintain a healthy balance in their lives and cover life’s many responsibilities. We provide carefully screened and trained respite staff (DSP’s) that are prepared to work closely with families to ensure individual care is provided that creates a safe, secure, appropriate and comfortable environment. [/jed_service_item]

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Self direction empowers people with disabilities and their families to design and manage services based on their individual needs and goals. Self direction supports the essence of community inclusion, and because the self-directed plan is individually created by the individual and those the individual chooses to have assist in this process,help, each plan is as unique as the person who designed it.


With assistance from a fiscal intermediary (FI), self-directing individuals control their own individualized, portable budgets and may choose to hire and manage their own staff supports. This allows individuals to access the supports needed to: a) live at home or in a home of their own, b) pursue interesting and meaningful employment, volunteer, or other community activities, c) engage in satisfying, productive relationships with family, friends, and community members, and d) maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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Start-Up and Support Brokers provide assistance to the individual and/or individual’s designee in creating and implementing a self-directing individual’s plan and budget. All brokers provide assistance which is shaped through the input of the individual and his/her designees. All brokers are required to meet and maintain OPWDD broker training and certification requirements in order to provide broker services.


We have certified brokers ready, willing and able to provide informed, competent services. If you’re interested in better understanding the specific scope of this role, please contact us.


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A Fiscal Intermediary agency is a voluntary, not-for-profit agency that acts as the fiscal and business agent for the person who has chosen to self-direct. In most cases, individuals who self-direct services also hire their own staff and function as the “Managing Employers”. In most cases, the FI, as the fiscal and business agent, functions as the official “Employer of Record”. The FI must have a Medicaid Provider Agreement approved by OPWDD and must also be approved by OPWDD to provide FI Services on behalf of individuals choosing to self-direct. The primary role of the FI is to pay for the supports and services identified in a person’s ISP plan and approved budget.



Family Support Services (FSS)


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[jed_service_item img=”” icon=”fa-icon-money” title=”Family Reimbursement Program” link=””]This service provides family reimbursement assistance for families in Westchester County utilizing self-hired staff to provide service supports to a family member with developmental disabilities, living in the family home. It also provides a “Life Safety Emergency” fund for families experiencing a financial crisis. [/jed_service_item]

[jed_service_item img=”” icon=”fa-icon-home” title=”In-Home Crisis Respite Program” link=””]This service provides in-home crisis respite for individuals of all ages with developmental disabilities living with their families in Westchester County. Qualified staff are trained to holistically support individuals that present with challenging behaviors. Ongoing oversight and active communication further ensures appropriate and individualized care. [/jed_service_item]

[jed_service_item img=”” icon=”fa-icon-paste” title=”Short Term Family Assistance” link=””]This service provides short term assistance to children and/or adults in Westchester County who have developmental disabilities, are living with their families and are in need of “start-up” services support. Such services may include assistance with: OPWDD eligibility, applications for SSI/Medicaid, Medicaid waiver applications, advocacy and others services as needed and requested by the individual and/or their family. [/jed_service_item]


*Select Human Services is a member of LIFEPlan CCO NY. For more information on this Care Coordination Organization choice, please visit: