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“To empower children and adults with developmental disabilities to live a life that best speaks to their unique self and supports their choices, needs, wants and hopes.”


Chief Executive Officer (formerly Executive Director), Debra McGinness, discusses how Select Human Services, Inc. connects to the community through a multitude of services and unique opportunities.

Select Human Services, Inc. is a not-for-profit, voluntary agency providing services in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess Counties. Services we provide include Community Habilitation, Waiver-Respite, In-Home Crisis Respite, Short Term Family Assistance, and Family Reimbursement Assistance. We also support the choice of Self-Direction through the provision of Start-Up/Support Broker and Fiscal Intermediary (FI) services. In addition, we provide a diverse array of supports and services through our Judy Voron Life Skills Studio (please explore more information about this wonderful studio on our Facebook page as well).

With a carefully selected interdisciplinary team, we take a holistic approach to serving individuals and families and guide them through processes and choices that foster a realization of their hopes, dreams and goals. While providing these services, we work to identify and facilitate connections to community resources and supports as well as optimize the provision of person-centered services. Our field is always changing and our agency is committed to tracking and responding to that change, ensuring informed and proactive approaches. More than ever before, it is essential we build mutually beneficial partnerships to fuel progress and support positive life experiences!


Executive Board


Our Executive Board is comprised of both professionals and parents supporting our agency’s mission and continually working to respond to the field.


Rosemary Browne

Board Chairperson

Kelly Coburn

Board Member

Debra McGinness

Board Member

William McGinness

Board Member

Kevin O’Donohue

Board Member

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